Footprints on the Minge
(An Excerpt from the Novel)
Gwydion M. Hastur
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    They were now entering the freeway, merging onto Interstate Highway 10 heading south; and soon enough they would be at the Mexican threshold. In fact you could drive that same road all the way to Panama if you really wanted to, not that anyone would.
    "Is there a bridge across the Panama Canal? Or a ferry, or what?"
    "I doubt it's a ferry, or that shit would be shot up by pirates like, daily."
    "Well if there isn't a bridge I think there should be, so that you can drive from Alaska to Argentina if it pleased you. And then the next thing that we should do" -- this was a very coked-up Fair Harrington speaking, by the way

-- "is build a bridge spanning from Alaska across the Bering Strait and into Russia. It's only like 70 miles, or 90 miles or something. With today's technology that could easily be done."
    "Wait, isn't the Panama Canal only like a hundred feet wide? Ffff, I'm sure they've got a bridge. They have to. I mean, the canal was man-made in the first place, that's why it's called a 'canal', for fuck sake."
    "So if there was a bridge across the Bering Strait, just think -- you could basically drive to Asia. That's brilliant."
    "You wouldn't have to stop there, either. You could drive all the way to Europe."
    Based upon this simple premise, Fair's mind was overtaken by a swarm of wild deductions and fascinating possibilities, so many that he