Hastur Page 12

brutally murder him and then eat his entire corpse as an appetizer for lunch.
    Juan's lips broke into a slight smile. "Amigo," he said, "you look like you're about to cry or something."
   "Yeah well," said Thurgood, about to cry.
    "Take it easy, man," said Juan, "this shit is paid for." He laughed briefly and was obviously very amused.
    "Yeah well," said Thurgood, about to fucking die.
    "You be careful with this shit," said Juan, dropping the green bag lightly in front of Schlitz. "This ain't no tweaker bullshit."
    Thurgood, his composure reassembled, asked, "What in fact is it?"
    Juan looked at him seriously and answered: "Mary Magdalene."

    "That bitch that Jesus fucked in The Last Temptation of Christ?"
   Juan's laugh was shrill and sharp. "Yeah, man. That's the one." He then turned the boat of himself around and began the arduous journey back to his car twenty feet away.
    Back in the Justy, Harrington's ice age was finally thawing. "What was that all about?" he managed to ask when Schlitz got back in.
    "Just doing a little business with my friend Juan, man. And what were you doing? Other than sweepy tweapin' it down home, you lump of shit."
    "Huh?" said Fair. He paused. Then continued. "Wait. What?"
    "What what? 'You lump of shit,' 'sweepy tweapin'?"
    "Yes, what is sweepy tweapin?"
    "Tweaping occurs when one is so spun he