Hastur Page 13

cannot even move," counseled Thurgood, "and
thus it is like he is sleeping, only quite fucking different. Sort of like a catatonic, only it's not permanent." Then added, "You hope." He started the car and backed out, then entered traffic.
    "I see. So what's in the bag? Let me guess - Mary Juana?"
   "Actually, you're not too far off," said Schlitz. "It's Mary Magdalene."
    "What's that?"
    "The Doctor has all kinds of code words for this or that pharmaceutical," he explained. "For all I know it's some shitty jimson weed or something."
    They were cool now. The time on the Justy digital clock read 02:56, but that's because it was fucked up. The time was really about half past seven.

    "Well, let's try some," suggested Fair.
    Schlitz made a shitty grin and said, "Try some, eh? I like your thinking." He looked away and continued, "No, we can't touch this stuff, because The Doctor knows exactly how much he should be getting and he will notice if any of it is gone. Believe me, he knows exactly how much."
    Fair, showing off his worldly experience with illegal drugs, said, "Well, wouldn't he let us have some anyway, since we're the ones picking it up?"
    Schlitz was merging onto the interstate. "No, no, no. No. He's not compensating us for our services with drugs, he's paying us with cash. And beyond that, this is his fucking property. He's the one that forked out twelve thousand or however the fuck much for it." T.S. continued, "If he wants to share some with us when we get back, then sure, by all means, I'll give it a go. But until then, it's -- it's just not ethical."