Hastur Page 14

    "Some people think drugs are unethical," said Fair sarcastically.
   "Yeah, and some people think of God as a sadistic genius who loves to fuck with people just for his own sick amusement. Like a bratty kid pulling the legs off frogs or something, just because he can."
    Thurgood had been looking out the window and now turned to find Harrington with the duffle bag in his lap, the top open, and his hands inside it.
    "Hey, man," said Schlitz imploringly. "Hey! Keep your grubby dickskinners out of there. That shit is property of The Doctor and no one else."
    Fair was looking in the bag. Then he asked coyly, "Aren't you curious what Mary Magdalene is?"

    "Dude," said Schlitz, more stern than ever, "I'm sure it's just some fucking grade-D dirty schwag that you can only sell to a 12-year old."
    "Isn't it?"
    "Isn't it?"
    Schlitz glanced at Harrington and found him smiling yet strangely fearful. Like he had just swallowed a goldfish.
    "I need a fucking drink, and fast," declared Thurgood Schlitz. Simultaneously he noticed a skyscraping Starlight Super Stop sign about a mile up the road and proceeded to blindly merge into the right lane. Only by luck did he not merge into another vehicle.
    "Christ on the cross, bleeding all over."
    It was Fairchild Harrington. He added thought-