Hastur Page 16

3. Andyland. Here everyone looked and talked like Andie McDowell. He loved this place so much he never wanted to leave, but he was forced to. And the next place he found himself in was

4. Randyland, which was even better…

    Meanwhile, Schlitz was back out and behind the wheel, tanked and ready to face the morning.
    "Son," he said to Harrington, "I don't know what you're experiencing right now, but I respect it. Now we've got to hightail it to The Doctor's to drop this shit off and get paid for services rendered."
    A ways down the road Schlitz continued. "Oh yeah, about our payment. I haven't really talked to the M.D. about your pay, so I don't know. He might give you a little something, you know, for

the effort. Or you might just be my unpaid lackey. Who knows?"
    Normally this commentary would have stoked the raging anger inside Harrington, but not today. Not at this moment. Because right there in the passenger seat of Thurgood Schlitz's piece of shit Justy, Fair Harrington was getting fucked by the most famous whore of modern times.


Gwydion M. Hastur lives in Minneapolis. He wrote Footprints on the Minge during a November Novel Writing Month. Information about purchasing a copy of Footprints on the Minge can be gotten by emailing gwymha@gmail.com or hornoplentypress@gmail.com. The novel is