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line that could be drawn across the girth of the River Shannon, if ever such a line was called for."
    "Yeah," said Thurgood Schlitz, "Once you could get to Asia and Africa by car, you could pretty much drive to anywhere on the planet."
    "Except Greenland. And Antarctica, which would be impossible to build a bridge to anyway, and not like it would get much use if there was one."
    "I would drive to Antarctica."
    "Yeah, right."
    "I sure the hell would. Just to check it out. Check out some penguins and polar bears and shit like that. Of course I wouldn't stay long, but I'd definitely check it out once."
    "A polar bear of average size could maul you to death in under a minute's time," said Harrington, "and actually I believe that the

bridge across the Shannon I was talking about earlier is not a bridge at all but a ferry."
"I've heard about Irish ferries," said T.S. dis-tractedly. "Do you suppose they could build a bridge to Japan? And if so, where would it depart from?"
    "As a matter of fact there already is such a bridge under construction, and as for where the bridge begins, here we have a perfect example of the point I took pains to illustrate earlier. That being that bridges are not always built between the two closest points of land on either shore of a body of water. Let's have a guess as to where the bridge to Japan starts from. Any idea?"
    "Let's see," said Schlitz, "does it begin in India?"
    Fair snorted in derision, "A bridge from India to Japan, he says. That would be not only impossible but also a horrible idea politically, as