Hastur Page 7

and furthermore it looked, though it could not be confirmed, to be still attached to a human body, most likely also lifeless.
    The leg was attired in what appeared to be a denim/jean type fabric, and of the acid-washed variety, which was popular in the late 1980's.
    Also the leg had a foot still attached to the end of it. The foot was attired in what appeared to be a shoe, Converse All-Star variety, which has always been popular for God knows why, they're ugly as sin and just stupid.
    "Holy shit man," said Thurgood, "There was a dead body in the back of that garbage truck!"
   Harrington had found a pen and was furiously scribbling the word 'Arizona' on a dirty old Burger King take-out bag. "What state was it?"
    "What? DEAD, man!"
    "I mean what plate was the state from?"

    "Who gives a fuck about the state? Hey," he said, "I'm gonna speed up and get a closer look at this."
    Thurgood Motherfucking Schlitz took a sly look into his rearview mirror, pretending he was in Pulp Fiction or something, and then pinned the accelerator flat to the floor. But the crappy little Justy did not respond well to this sudden bold maneuver. It accelerated slightly for a few seconds as the engine sounded a horrible pressurized hum, then slowed back down to about 55 mph as the hum increased in intensity. Schlitz finally relented and withdrew his foot from the pedal.
   "Fuck this fucking piece of shit shitbox," he declared.
    Fair was intently writing the word "California" on the BK bag.