Hastur Page 9

   The man who was to meet them was called Juan. No last name was given. The Doctor advised that Juan was the one who was really doing the work, having actually passed the contraband over the international border himself. It was unknown how he did this but The Doc made vague and mysterious remarks alluding to "border politics, over your heads," which was "all they really needed to know."
    Having arrived at the designated meeting spot, the parking lot of Wink's Diner, at seven o'clock sharp, they pulled into a parking space and waited for their man to arrive.
    After fifteen minutes the rain stopped, and at the same moment a big car with fat wheels slowly entered the lot. The car was of a nondescript make and model. It had fat bumpers and a fat hood and fat hubcaps. And when Juan got out of his car he was found to be a very fat

man of incredible girth. He did not have an ounce of non-fat on him but instead had untold layers of fat. His feet were fat, and he had fat ears, and a pair of fat hands lined with fat fingers. His hair was also fat and one could tell even from a distance that his eyebrows were of an extraordinary fatness. He also appeared in general to be very overweight.
    Schlitz watched in amusement this mountain of man laboriously making his way toward the Justy. He said casually to Harrington, "This guy is pathetic."
   Juan had in his left hand a small green duffle bag. In it was presumably whatever product they were going to be running back to The Doctor.
   Thurgood opened his door to get out and noticed that Fair was not moving at all. His eyes were wide open and not blinking, and he appeared to be quite lost in lack of thought.