Ghost in the Window
Wayne H.W. Wolfson
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    It had been good for both of us, effortless too. A voyeur would have seen a form of fighting combined with a type of horizontal street ballet.
    Now would come the cooing, baby talk which I could not stand. I wish I had not agreed to spend the night.
    Me, lost in thought, she had already started. Lost in thought, she saw the faraway look on my face and stopped.
    I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prick up. She invented a lot of her own superstitions, one of which was that she always had to live on a third floor. I squinted out the window, something was watching us, a black shape. My heart pounded.

    "Listen to me ..."
    Her face pinched tight. She thought she knew what U was going to say. She decided to attack first.
    "Ten years we have been together, if those years had been a baby, it would practically be a teenager now, double digit birthdays. You can't even stay one night without having to be worn out first by arguments? Ten years, you owe me for an abstracted life we never even talked about creating because it upset you."
    I just sat there. As she raised her voice the shape ducked out of sight, hovering on the periphery.
    "Listen to me…"
    At this point I would sound absurd. She calmed down a little, put a kettle on and went into the shower. I quickly let myself out, silently.