Wolfson Page 2

I could not wait for the elevator. The stairwell door swung open as I reached for the knob.
    Her neighbor, he had the same moustache as me, but trimmed to finer points. He smiled, cheeks creasing and swallowing up his eyes.
    "Let me get that for you brother."
    I nodded and squeezed by him. The door shut with a dull thud. Looking down the squared spiral of the stairwell, I saw a girl descending. I watched her. I was uneasy and decided to call to her to wait, we would go down together.
    As I was about to open my mouth I again spotted the blackened shape. It was at the very bottom, waiting.
    Should I yell out a warning? No, maybe if it had her, fed, it would leave me alone, go away. She was almost to it. I closed my eyes, standing perfectly still, silence.

    I waited, for who knows how long? I crept down the stairs making as little noise as possible.
    Outside, I did not feel any better. I tried to look up to her window, but the angle was wrong. I had to get home, I could not wait for a taxi. I ran to the train station.
    The train was mostly empty, a drunk softly singing to himself as two young lovers locked in an embrace.
   Two stops into the ride my eyes wander out the window, towards the tracks.
    The shape.
    If it had been hovering, it would not have seemed as bad, sort of dream-like. Instead, it kept up with the train in a series of leaps and bounds. Sweat stung my eyes.
I got off at my stop and ran up the stairs. The phone had just stopped ringing as I closed the