Ramspeck Page 3

dreaming; he knew that bells do not transform
to lanterns as they ring. But still he felt no
reverence for the sight. Instead he looked down
at his feet, which were bleeding and so formed
perfect rivulets of joy.

Crossing the World

There is a photograph of her beside a Baobab
near Shehu's Palace. In the rainy season I walk
her by Lake Chad, where the flies are dense as
Michigan mosquitoes. Words roll across your
and leave their blessing: cassava, Yerwa,

Salah, mango, neem, hamartan. In August I am
again and we ride down Bama Road. At the
we stand before El-kanemi Hall, grow dizzy in the
heat, and speak in voices we no longer hear as
world is flat here. At any moment we will fall off
     the edge
and won't come back. In January she sends me a
of a gecko near the River Alo. I look out my
and imagine the rolling power outages each
We step down into the market on Ahmadu Bellu