Bernard Page 6
unease over what she was doing: it was starting to feel more unsettling than romantic, more weird than mysterious. So she decided it was time to have it out with Mr. TJX037X2.
    There it was, in her Inbox, an email from him.
    "i been thinking about u today"
    She smiled and hit Reply. 
    "and i've been thinking about you!" she typed. Then thought better of it and changed the exclamation point to a period followed by a smiley.
     She went to the next line.
     "we have to discuss something. i have the hard-est time pronouncing TJX037X2. just try it yourself sometime! how about telling me your real name? i promise i won't tell anyone, and you'll be doing my vocal chords a distinct favor. so: how about it? what is your

real, full, true, complete, and legal name, mr. Tijixoh Threesevenekstchoo?"
     She sent the email and sat back with her mug of herbal tea and a cheeky grin on her face, opening his email again and reading the words over and over, playing different male voices in her head, wondering what his voice sounded like: Harrison Ford? Sean Connery? Snoop-Dog? Don Knotts? She giggled.
     The IM box flicked on.
     "sorry," it read, "i cant tell u"
     She almost dropped her tea and typed furiously:      "why not?!"
     "i just cant it wouldnt be right"
     She replied even more furiously, with a wave of righteous triumph. "wouldn't be right! need i remind you, sir, that you know *my* name!! it's only right that i should also be allowed to know yours - full, complete, and real."