Lin Page 14
Well I think it's promising, Allen murmurs. Anyway~ He lights a cigarette to show that he has moved on from toilet birdcalls. He is one of those rare infuriating people who can smoke two packs a day and hike for 20 miles straight without even a pause for breath. What's your update on this Chen business?

The Chens… C.J. has laid his notepad on the table, but now Allen is pulling it over to his side, rifling through the pages.

Dunno. I also met Mr. Chen's mother. She seems to think the wife did him in. If you can't read my writing~

Allen lets off a dissatisfied grunt. People aren't usually that bold, he says. If they can get something without resorting to extremes, they'll do it. My hunch? Mr.

Chen's faking his death, hiding out, waiting for the family to collect on the insurance.

But he's been separated from them~

Less suspicious that way.
For emphasis, he blows a smoke-ring. Think of the psychology. Guy leaves his family for four years, looks for a new job, searches for inner peace at a monastery, and what does he do in the end? Come right back to where he started. No, he's whipped. Bet you his wife put him up to it. She as bad as these notes make her sound?

Worse, probably. Mm-hmm. We'll know more when Liu gets back to us. Burned body, wife was the one who identified it, body cremated, no evidence. Convenient. Murder or fake? Place your bets.
He lights a fresh cigarette. Are you gay?