Lin Page 17
You staying here tonight? she asks.

Don't think so. You?

I always stay here.

Your dad doesn't worry?

He doesn't know. My family has empty apartments all over the city. I could be at any of them.

But you like it here better.

I like Allen better.

C.J. can hear Allen in the distance, yelling into the phone ~What's that? Yes, I know, I heard about it! He thinks:
What self-confidence it must take to be loud and

annoying, and not care about other people's reactions.

Do you know Georgia? Carol asks.

The state? Yeah.

I've been talking to Allen about moving there someday.

Why? It's hot.

Hotter than here?

Well~about the same, actually.

Yes. I like that. And I like the Ray Charles song
. Her legs are writhing. Actually, she is wriggling. Out of her jeans.