Lin Page 19
horns startles him.

Your clothes. You were in the rain?

Just driving around. No big deal.

Allen has some clothes. I'll get them…

Don't worry about it.

You need new clothes anyway.

Do I?

She laughs. Sorry. I don't mean to…

No, you're right. It's not something I think about, that's all.

I think brown would look good on you. And no more polo shirts, okay? You look like a mainlander!

Okay, sure. It is hard for him not to look at her legs. They aren't particularly pretty legs~a bit squat, knobby-kneed~but he can't see even the hint of a blemish on them.

I'll get some clothes. I'll be right back, okay?

Okay. But let me return the favor.

You don't need to…

I want to. How about dinner. Tomorrow?

Again the left side of her mouth curls up. Well … tomorrow …