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It was all contingent on us finding evidence to the contrary. And I promised them we would. Because I was confident in your abilities. Again the hawk-eyed look of the tough but fair boss. C.J. suddenly feels like vomiting. It occurs to him that Allen enjoys living in this silent house because the only voice around here is his.

Um, he says, about that, how much money are we

We're on the hook, C.J. Time to step up our game. Okay, here's my suggestion. I'm going to phone Mrs. Chen and tell her the claim has been delayed because our investigation has turned something up. Get her willies up. And then we wait and see what she does. Surveillance detail. Camp out at her place, see if she meets anyone or does anything. From tonight onwards. You up for it?

Thought so, C.J. thinks. You make a phone call, I pull all-night surveillance.

C.J.? You in, bud? If you have a better suggestion

I don't. I'm in.

Can I get in too?
Carol has arrived with a bundle of shirts and pants just as Ray Charles drawls, Georgia on my mind She mouths the words. Her lips are freshly coated with lipstick, in fulsome cupid style. I was telling C.J. about Georgia, she says.

Oh yeah? Allen says. Well, what's there to do in Georgia except get gunned down in Atlanta, so let's not think about it, shall we?

I'm giving C.J. some of your old clothes. Is that okay?