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Sure, babe. He pinches her hip, right underneath the Lucky Star logo. I knew I could count on you, C.J. Can you start tonight? ASAP?

First I should check in with Mr. Wang

Really? You have to?

Sorry, I have an errand to run for him. I don't think it can wait.

Allen gives him another one of those looks that says, I'm disappointed you can't reshuffle your priorities, but then again, you can't be expected to equal my standards. With infinite patience he pours C.J. a last whiskey. Once we solve this thing and get our money, I'll expect you to work full-time for me, okay? I won't hear a no from you. We'll get you out from under

those safety glass fat-cats. He cocks his thumb, points his index finger in C.J.'s direc-tion. C.J. pointedly ignores the gesture.

I'll try to be there after 9 tonight, he says. Maybe I'll be able to check in on the daughter. Still haven't heard her side of things.

See? Allen whispers loudly into Carol's ear. I told you this guy was good.

You say that about everyone
, she replies.

Need to change, C.J.? Use my bedroom.


You're not mad, are you, C.J.?