Lin Page 32
Sure. Just so you know, later tonight I have to --

We have to be firm with this Hungarian boy. We were too polite with him the first time. That's my fault. No uncertain terms. That's what they say in America, right? Legalese. No uncertain terms.

Gotta get through it, C.J. thinks, gotta get through. He already has his notepad out. I was thinking, he says, that we could start off, Dear --

Mr. Wang slams his fist down on the table, all comportment lost. No more pleasantries, no more first names. We've wasted too much time. You understand? Play is over.

Okay. Then how about "sir" or "mister" -

Yes. There you go. That's what I mean. Mr. Wang rubs a handkerchief across his perspiring forehead. Sir, I received your email this morning. You -- How to say it? We want to say that he did not understand our message and we are going to explain this time.

Something like Apparently you did not understand the intent of my earlier email.

C.J. Mr. Wang swivels from left to right in his chair, eyes rolling. His hair has been arranged in a combover, but the trials of the day have pulled some ragged strands down across his forehead. You're not getting it. No "apparently" here. He does not understand. Period. We must make him understand. Sharp like knives.

Okay, Mr. Wang.