Lin Page 33
Mr. Wang is staring at the center of C.J.'s chest, absorbed in thought.

Mr. Wang --?

Very mildly, he says, You have a college education, C.J.? Of course you do. You write all those college entrance essays, you went to college.

. He doesn't add that he never graduated.

Yes, very good. I'm sorry. You hungry? Want dinner? Mr. Wang activates an intercom and barks a quick order. We have some leftovers.

That's all right, I can't stay too --

You've never met my daughter, right? You should. Let

me get her. I think you might have similar interests. She has a good head for business, very industrious, like you.

I don't think your daughter --

The door to the study swings open and the manservant rolls in a cart of fried chicken. Virginia-style recipe, Mr. Wang explains. It's good, eat, eat.

Thank you
, C.J. says, but I don't --

Where's my daughter?
Mr. Wang asks his manservant. I asked for her to come down.

She is not here,
the manservant says, and C.J. is pleased to note the man's mask-like countenance has not changed a whit.