Lin Page 36
gentle. He gives a sly little point to the camera. What's wrong? Are you nervous?

No. She smiles, shaking her head rapidly.

Then what? What?

I was thinking about kids.

He gives off a low whistle, with a hammy raising of the eyebrows for the benefit of the viewing audience. Maybe this isn't the best time to talk about that one…

What do they call it? Babies of white and Asian people?


Eurasian. Eurasian babies are so cute.

Sure, when they're young
. His fingers are tracing the outline of her breasts. But when they grow up, nope. Complexion problems, many are overweight. Just not a good mix.

You don't want kids?

Never say never. But I don't burden anyone with such thoughts.

You don't burden yourself.

Absolutely. This isn't about burdens. This is about flying. You want to fly?