Lin Page 38
bodies are atop each other, trying different positions, the woman groaning in quick gasps of breath, the man silent save a grunt or two at strategic moments.

The VCDs were taken at the hotel at the corner of Chunghsiao Road and Fuhsing Road, Liu had said. Well, it all made sense now. He fast-forwards to come upon another scene -- same room, different couple, another variation on twisted limbs and odd vocalizations. This time they end up facing the mirror as they reach climax, as if they are aware they are being filmed and are posing. This is followed by yet another couple, a young one this time, probably not more than 16 or 17. Much more fumbling this time, the woman flat-breasted and doing most of the work, the boy's face contorted in almost comical expressions. The ceiling camera takes in the sight of the boy on top of the girl, her legs sticking out the side, her ankles and feet limp, waving about like a crab's legs as he

thrusts into her. His head is above hers, her face is hidden. And then, very slowly, her head cranes to the right, little by little, until it is out from under the boy and visible in the camera. The face looks familiar, he thinks; of course it is difficult to make it out under the dirty-yellow lighting, past the limited resolution of the source tape… but it must be. It looks just like --

The door to the study swings open with a single obscene creak of the hinges. Standing there is Mr. Wang's daughter, peering at him through her rounded glasses, her hair out of her standard ponytail and hanging down, the blank look on her face a match to the face on the computer screen, even as the girl in the video opens her mouth to make an exclamation that doesn't come.