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Yes, he says.

My father told me about you. Said I should meet you. She gives a dubious little sniff.

He doesn't reply immediately, and is irritated by his hesitation. What does he care? He never wanted to meet

her. But nothing is worse than discovering that another's indifference matches or trumps your own.

Slowly, he says, Just been helping him out with some letters. Emails mostly. International.



Her shoulders hunch up, ever so slightly. She actually looks cute that way, with those thin arms and her plain pink T-shirt.

What did you say? she asks.

You should tell your boyfriend your father isn't too happy about the situation. Yes, even cuter now -- her cheeks shot through with crimson. She looks determinedly at his legs, just below the knees.

Fuck, she grunts. You have to be kidding me.

Your father's pretty upset about Australia. Your boyfriend's been in contact with him. He didn't tell you? He knows he shouldn't, but he's enjoying this.