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A guttural sigh escapes her. She rubs her forehead between her thumb and index finger, a gesture that somehow reminds him of her father: Young man, I told you...

This door was locked, she says. Why were you locked in?

He tosses his notepad over to her. She reads the first few sentences of the aborted message, her two top teeth sinking into her lip. One of her teeth juts out a bit more than the other.

Have you met this guy in person? No, course not, it's not a big deal, he hurries to add as she gives him a look that could be interpreted as lethal if you were a parent.

Anything far away looks good. Must be damn boring living here. You go to the International School, right?

She gives a single nod.

Yeah, too boring. Boring enough to fall for words on a screen. An idea. Something that may be there, maybe not. I once ran off with someone who was just an idea. Not easy. Leads to a lot of unexpected accidents. But you don't know until you meet. Even then you might not know. Spend time with him before you go on any adventures. Here in Taiwan, in familiar surroundings. Try it out. Your father doesn't have to know.

My father would find out,
she murmurs.