Lin Page 33
Not a problem, she sighs. But not normal.

The car whinnies a bit before the ignition catches. Looking straight ahead, she says: You're not from Taiwan.


Why did you come here?

Good question
. He draws a tired hand across his forehead, clearing away the rain from his hair. Some of it lands on her.

Damn it, sorry.

It's nothing, she says. She shifts the car into gear. The intensified ping of the rain against the windows is pleasant. As they turn onto the main road, she activates the wipers. They silently watch the lamplights dissolve and reform themselves every few seconds.

I heard your mother left your home a little while ago, he says. You know where she went?

She's probably looking for me. She worries.

I thought she only cared about mahjong.

Mahjong and me.
She rubs her sleeve against her eyes, then blurts out: You know I've had two fathers.