Lin Page 35
That's the other side of Taiwan. Why you want to go there? People only visit on weekends.

That's exactly why I want to go now,
he thinks. He had heard from Allen: It's Taiwan's answer to Hawaii. Different pace of life, you just hang out on the beach all day. And then there's that bar near the Caesar Park hotel… those bar girls, I tell you, some real hotties. They've got names like Apple and Peach …Well, he is in no mood for bar girls or even white beaches and swaying palm trees. He just wants to see for himself, confirm it for himself. If the water's warm enough, he thinks, I can dive in and swim all the way to Hong Kong, or if I'm in a slightly more realistic frame of mind, I'll hop on a boat.

I can take you to the Taipei train station, she says. From there you can take a train to Kaohsiung, and from there --

You said you wanted to get away,
he interrupts. You drive me to Kenting, I'll pay for all of it.


To thank you.

For what?

Giving me a lift.

Happens every day.