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Red Sox games. He was a heavy bettor. He slept with a whore named Flo twice a month. He had six brothers and sisters.
     Dick entered the contest. He was a truck driver in Alexandria, Virginia. He had married late in life and had no children. His wife had a heart condition. They lived in a mobile home and were having trouble with their medical insurance.
     Harry entered the contest. He was a lumberjack in Portland. He had four sons. The oldest one was studying horticulture at the state university. His wife had worked at Wal-Mart for a while and liked to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil on daytime TV. They were still paying off their mortgage.
     For weeks and weeks everyone talked about the contest. The President himself had said that any redblooded American could win, regardless of race, religion or color. Everyone wanted to have millions and

millions of dollars and the woman of his choice. There had been previous contests and everyone could see how well the winners were doing. Some of them played basketball and others sang songs, some traded in pork bellies and others traded in junk bonds. Some became powerful people. You could be a Supreme Court justice or governor of a state or the chief of staff or a talk show host or even a senior analyst at CNN.
     John wrote in his entry form: "I want to win an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood with the woman of my choice and all the money I will ever need because that is the American Dream. The woman of my choice is Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston. If I had millions and millions of dollars I would buy everything that rich people have and live in Bel-Air or Beverly Hills."
     That was more or less what everyone wrote, though not necessarily choosing Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston. Charlie chose Andie MacDowell. Dick chose