Skolnik Page 4
deep in their hearts they did. Some people took losing pretty hard. When it turned out they hadn't won the tears filled their eyes. "That's the only chance I'll ever get," they said.
     Dick was tired of driving a truck. The money was good but he was on the road most of the week and with a sick wife he needed to be home more. Winning millions of dollars would have changed his life. He'd make sure his wife got proper care and maybe buy her a house and go off to Hollywood with Julia Roberts. Then he'd see.
     Harry had the four sons to put through college and he was barely scraping by. The wife looked worn out while he was a healthy type. If he had millions and millions of dollars he'd maybe send her to the beauty parlor and let her get some new clothes. Then she could sit around with her sister gossiping all day while he took the woman of his choice out on the town.

     John had gone out with a woman for a while and for a while it had looked pretty serious. She was a few years older than him and had been around the block. She stayed with him one or two nights a week in his room, where they were squeezed together on the narrow bed so that neither of them could really sleep and sometimes he just sat in a chair smoking until the morning and wondering how it was going to end. Neither of them had any prospects so maybe they made a good pair because they drank together and got maudlin together and he got to thinking that maybe her mind was a little shot. Sometimes he'd buy a big bag of groceries and some wine and fix her something nice when she came over and that was romantic just like the movies. In any case it hadn't worked out because he'd caught her with another man and there'd been a fight and he'd broken a bottle over the man's head and was lucky he hadn't killed him and was lucky they didn't call the cops.