Poetic Thoughts
James Bybee
Bybee Page 1
IA robin flew into two blue sunsets.

A crustacean crawled through the forest.

The pansies flowered at the beginning of the day.

The archer thrust his arrows into a purple sky.

The folks in the life boat challenged the sea.

The canoe slipped beneath a waterfall.

The gypsy singer sang to the stars.

The deer floated on two blue clouds.

A red fox locked his house and ran away.

A peach grows on three plum trees.

Tender volume of golden violins.

There was a toad in a moat that croaked.

The birth of Venus was amazing.

The parliament stood looking at the stars.

There is a holiday at the foot of the mountain.

Holly trees were in the black gulch.

In the hollow the train was roaring.