Clague Page 2

sacked thousands more. Like steam
the stock rose, then it clean
evaporated, and the firm
went bankrupt.

                                           For this Al pocketed                                            more millions.

Years later, someone looked
and lo, Al had cooked
the books: thus he rooked
owners too, and snookered
auditors, adding fraud
to heartlessness.

                                           And for this he pocketed                                            still more millions.

The end of this little ditty
is that this man without pity
lives in luxury on a kitty
of millions, hugely benefiting
from wreaking calamity
upon humanity.

                                           For this, Al pocketed                                            millions.

Dry Drunk

For Shannon, and the country

The drinking years are far behind him~
the parties, oceans of laughs, howlers, drunk fucks,
safaris across the Sahara of the night,
Arctic dawns in jail cells, Olympics of lies.