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Being the contrarian that you know I am (I am in overall agreement with many of your points), I would note that popular, Democratic culture is not anti-elitist per se.

Look at how we worship great athletes, for example.

Rather, it is resistant to things that are not quickly and easily understood.

This means fine art has a choice: it can be obscure, or it can be accessible.

I used to think being obscure had to be part of the package in order for art to have depth and significance.

But now -- perhaps because in many ways I am unsophisticated in my tastes -- I don't think so.

No, I think there are wonderful things a composer can do even (for example) with a family-kids type movie, and that people will appreciate his contribution.

Why do I think this?

Because art deals with universals that have an impact on everyone at least within this Western culture of ours. People fall in love, they hate, they win, they lose, they enjoy nature, etc. All of this is material for the artist to base his work on and have that work be accessible to