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But back to my idea of an excellent film composer, doing real art. No one is paying any attention to his name as it scrolls by in the credits….

But does that really matter? He can still say that he is a working composer, and I presume that with repeated work he will earn a decent living doing something he loves. People will respect him, especially if his fellow movie composers are also doing good work

On the other hand, we know that market goes for a lot of garbage, and to that extent anyone working in Hollywood is tainted.

But was there ever a time when all art being produced was good art? I doubt it. There is no more reason to think that this would ever have been the case than to think

that at one time, all restaurants were great restaurants. Instead, I think there were times when bad art couldn't "come to market," so to speak. The apprenticeship system in Florence during the Renaissance probably did the necessary weeding out.

Now there are some artists who really do want to press the envelope a la Schoenberg and they have the talent and intellect to do that -- but they can't expect people to embrace their work. Especially not if they are being politically incorrect. So the very last place I would expect to find a composer who was "ahead of his time" would be in our conformist and politically correct universities.

I think a lot of artists want it both ways -- they want to be challenging, but they don't want to take the consequences that come with that.