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Since you don't have an academic position (that I know of), you can't ease the pain of being challenging and therefore misunderstood (who makes any real effort to understand anything anymore unless there's money in it, anyway?) by being able to say, "Well, my colleagues at the University respect me, and in music generally, and my students are winning awards and getting into great music programs blah blah blah."

You have to swallow that pain whole, and then spend a great deal of time earning a living doing something (again, I am assuming this is so) that is not related to your passion.

You've chosen a hard road. Given that you refuse to compromise your aesthetic and intellectual standards, I respect you.

So (unsolicited advice from me) be proud of yourself.

And above all, keep doing it because you enjoy doing it. That's what really matters.



Andrew, Of course I take your points, which are very well taken indeed, and I agree with much of what you say. But, being as unable to agree with anyone completely on anything as you are, I must point out that ....

Point 1....

Point 2....