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He does a lot of church music in England and is apparently developing a big reputation there, at least with the general public.



Andy, Of course I wasn't offended~merely aggrieved. ;-S

Glad you saw the humor of it~actually, I didn't intend to send it as is~I was writing it quickly at work when my boss walked in; the finger slipped, and off it went.

I have an idea: I'm thinking this thread of emails might make a interesting essay, with a title like "Art versus the Academy," for Caveat. It would be nice to have another one of the Founders back in the pages too, especially for

our 20th anniversary issue. We could look the "essay" over, maybe polish it up, and post it on the website.

We could open it with a link to the New Criterion article, and pretty well let our email exchange take off from there.

What do you think?

I'll end it with my own summing up: Creative writing groups, workshops, programs have not only made the literary world safe for mediocrity; they have made intellectual second-rateness a kind of badge of honor. What is that I hear from sea to shining sea? The baying of the literary Yahoos.