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today is the MBA. I have a friend who consistently looks at CVs and puts those with Harvard or Stanford MBAs into one pile and all the others in another. When he has done that, he takes the Harvard/Stanford pile and throws it in the rubbish bin.

Reply from Andrew Towne, Followed by a Debate with Christopher Bernard

Good article. Thanks for sending it. I would even go farther and say that the universities have made "serious" books, art and music irrelevant.

The only surviving art forms are those with commercial appeal (more or less) -- that means movies and popular music.

It is fortunate that all art forms are incorporated into

movies -- an assurance that art will live on a while longer.

Granted, most movies and pop songs are not good.

But that is nothing new. For every classic work from the past that survives into the present, there are probably a hundred works that didn't survive mainly because they weren't very good.



Dear Andrew, Glad you liked the article.

I must read too much history: it makes me optimistic. History has already tried its worst against serious art~from the Dark Ages to the Iconoclasts, from the Reformation to