Lin Page 18
How did you remember me this time?

I still have your journal. I write in it every week.

What do you write?

Anything I think about. When I started it was complete sentences, very long thoughts about every day. But now I'm running out of room, so I have to be more careful with words. A few phrases. Only the most important things. Just enough for me to remember if I read it.

He nods earnestly. That's often how it goes. But I'm running out of room. Only a few pages left. You have another book?

Not with me.
It is true, he has left the bulk of his

notebooks with his luggage back at the train station. But you can buy a new one.

But it won't be right until you write in it.

Next time I'm here, you can give it to me.

Something resembling mischief flashes in her eyes. I may have forgotten about you by then.

I'll have to take that chance, then.

I was reading about your travels in the west.

You could understand what I wrote?

Not immediately. I had to learn the language. I'm still learning. Five new words a day, that's my goal.