"I Am/I Am" Hath Sent Me Unto You
D.G. Zorich
D.G. Zorich

Somehow so sure, so chiseled! And yet somehow still
so insipid: The bodies were perfect tens, the words
unwashed, but carefully chosen, "Suck my ass,
fuck my little pussy-ass, fuck
O dick-hards! fuck my cunt fuck me!"
A burning bush between two loaves of wonder-
bread, singular and competent as hunger: It burns.
We of intelligent genitals seem easily ignited
for short periods of an otherwise dogged, long-
term, self-inflicted incidentless remission.

D.G. Zorich has "attended colleges and universities and language institutes in Germany, France, and the United States. He resides today in a very small, peripheral community in southern California." His work has appeared recently in Blue Unicorn, Epicenter, Indefinite Space, No Exit, Pitchfork, and elsewhere.