Frohsin Page 3
Over the last year, Frohsin has embarked on a “paper airplane series? ?works that play with the sharp, white, angular forms, tangled in cubist-like complexities, as well as with ideas of flight and inevitable grounding. The series was inspired by a paper airplane the artist found on the pavement one day, as she was walking between her Russian Hill studio and her home near San Francisco Bay.

Frohsin’s first major shows were at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, California, among which, in 1993, in a group show with Manuel Neri, Nathan Oliveira, and Stephen de Staebler. She has shown regularly since, at such venues as the Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, the Oakland Museum, the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She is

currently represented by the Dolly Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco.

More of her work can be seen at her website, which we featured in our last Wunderkabinett:

-- Christopher Bernard