Hanson Page 5
    Beulah grinned. "Do you want to hear another horror story? You've probably had your fill with the eggs and chickens."
    "I would," Glad said.
    "Sure," I said. "If you don't make it too personal."
    "I'll try not to divulge any secrets," Beulah began, then lifted her Scotch and took a drink. She held the glass in her lap.
    "Well, a greedy king, King Minos of Crete, had a beautiful white bull that swam from the surf, an amazingly perfect bull that the sea god Poseidon had given him to sacrifice. But Minos decided to keep the bull, to breed with his livestock."
    "An entrepreneur," I said.
    "That's right." Beulah nodded and continued:
    "So Poseidon made PasiphaŽ, the king's wife, fall in love with the bull--"
    "What d'you mean?" Glad asked.

    "I don't get it. You mean--"
    "Daedalus, the ancient world's greatest inventor, built a lifelike heifer made of wood. PasiphaŽ hid inside."
    "No," Glad said.
    "Under an oak tree she mated with the bull."
    Glad stared at Beulah with disbelief.
    "It's a myth," I said to him.
    "Later PasiphaŽ became pregnant," Beulah said. "Time passed and she bore a monster, called the Minotaur. It had the head and hooves of a bull and the body of a man. It was terrifying and ravenously hungry, all of Crete was in chaos. So King Minos ordered Daedalus to construct a stone labyrinth."
    "What's that?" asked Glad.
    "It was a maze, a kind of elaborate, complicated cage, where the Minotaur was imprisoned. No one who was put in the labyrinth could find his way out."