Hanson Page 6
    "So he died?" Glad asked.
    "Wait," I said.
    "Every seven years, seven girls and seven boys from Athens were forced into the dark labyrinth and eaten by the monster," Beulah said.
    "One day, Theseus, the son of the king of Athens, arrives on a ship with the young people chosen for sacrifice. Despite the long odds, Theseus has vowed to end the Minotaur's tyranny. Then he has a stroke of unforeseen luck."
    Beulah glanced at me.
    "Ariadne, the daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë, falls in love with Theseus. She gives him a ball of string."
    "Theseus ties one end to a rock at the entrance to the maze, then unwinds the string as he enters the labyrinth. In the dark, he hears the Minotaur breathing, leaps on the

monster with his sword, kills the Minotaur, then follows the string to escape."
    Beulah turned to me with sudden worry.
    "Is Jim Sloan in some kind of trouble?"
    “No,” Glad said. “Not yet. Does he have a girlfriend?”

    "He went briefly with Sally--a studious girl," she said with concern. "Attractive. I guess Jim got pretty serious. Sally's father, he's a prominent lawyer, wasn't very happy. I'm not sure what pressures he applied--"
    Beulah looked sympathetic.
    "Anyway, they broke up and she went away to journalism school. Northwestern. A few years ago she moved back. She's our local TV anchor."
    "Sally Mathews?" I asked. "The Night Slayer reporter?" I'd seen the blonde girl this afternoon, on the steps of the sheriff's office with her cameraman as Blair slipped past with a terse, "No comment."
    "That's right." Beulah looked confused. "Is something