James Bybee Page 2

I felt lightning running through me.
I saw grottos in the sea.

On a certain hill:
I saw hawks dive for the kill

I felt sweat burst from my face
I saw a wilderness of angels
I heard the Big Bang
I saw the Lord of Totems
I kissed the queen of the night
I slept on her breast.


The ushering of leaves through a window.

The shuddering of nerves through the spine.

The mellow tones of a vibraphone.

The untangling of love's sweet tangle.

I untangled her tangled red hair.
She untangled my fingers from her fingers.

We unlatched the latch that unlatched the door to the bedroom.

The melding of our bodies.

The soft vibration of her breaths.


When snow fell it fell in little bells.
Little bells are the better half of themselves