Kenneth Halpern
[Listen to a reading of this poem.]

Resemble me,
  but not too closely,
    or your will appear to mock me,
      and not too faintly,
         or you will show disdain for me.
            Flatter me,
              but not too strongly,
                or you will disgust me,
                   and not too subtly,
                      or you will displease me.
                         Beg me,
                           but not too insistently,
                             or you will annoy me,
                               and not too quietly,
                                 or you will fail to move me.
                                   Fear me,
  but not too much,
    or you will hate me,
      and not too little,
        or you will offend me.
          Obey me,
            but not too readily
              or you will repel me,
                 and not too slowly,
                   or you will anger me.
                      Now go forth and multiply,
                        so many eyes,
                          to mirror me without end.

Kenneth Halpern is a former physicist who has worked in finance for a number of years. He writes fiction as well as poetry.