"Hide and Seek" and "Kensington and High"

Ho Lin

Ho Lin: Music

Hide and Seek (English Fall)
Music: Ho and Ping Lin / Lyrics: Ho Lin
Vocals: Ho Lin
Keyboards: Ping Lin

Kensington and High (English Spring)

Music and Lyrics: Ho Lin
Vocals, instruments and programming: Ho Lin

Kensington and High: Lyrics

Stairs from the underground wind up to the sky
If you love and you're loved, it's like the sun on both sides
Neon lights of Soho bleed red and blue
I ran across Ray on my way to Waterloo
He said, "The West End jackals will lead you astray,
I'm a romantic tomorrow but a journalist today..."
I'm double-decked and trainwrecked and on my way to --

Kensington and High (love is just a game)
I'm livin' on the sly (there's no sun without the rain)
Is it ever gonna come...?
Callin' day and night (just to get to you)
Out of mind and sight (gotta make it through)
Will I ever be the one...?

Alec down in Ealing, trying on his white suit
Elvis singing "Alison" while Sid and Nancy meet cute
Mick's in the supermarket, nothing left to buy
but the carrots down in Camberwell will take you for a ride
Sugababes with sugar hearts never spare me a smile
but my bellbottom blues are coming back in style
and if my cab breaks down I'll walk a dozen miles to...


Dressed up and drunk on the riverside tonight
I'm swinging with the sultans and the fighting's all right
Redhead steals my camera 'cause I took her photo
And she dumps me in the park with a kiss, no afterglow
I wake up in the morning with a cold and a chill
I'm over the moon and almost over the hill
I may not have a way but I gotta find a will to get to...


Is it ever gonna come?
Will I ever be the one?

Ho Lin is co-editor of Caveat Lector and is in the bands Sober Nixon and Camberwell Carrot.