Two Poems
Evan Migliozzi
Migliozzi Page 1
[Listen to readings of these poems.]

No Requests Until

No requests
Until you buy me a drink,

My glass is empty and I'm out of cigarettes,

You, unaware of my shoulder ache,
Or my personal struggles,
But you love the way I make
This grand piano sing for you.

Gershwin? Not a problem,
A regular in my well-rehearsed repertoire.
Something jazzy? Coming up,
I'll make your fingers snap and your feet tap.

Had a bad day?
I can ease the tension of a bad day,
For you, something touching,
With a tone dark like the syrah
You just placed on my piano,

Because you know I drink red,

And you know that dark works for me today,

And you know,

I don't play requests,

Until you buy me a drink.