Three Poems
Kristine Ong Muslim
Muslim Page 1
[Listen to readings of these poems.]

A Random Event #1

All paths are contrived to look invisible
even if the source of the light is just
a single pinhole. Crowds gather
wherever there is something to see,
but the most memorable things happen
in private. So I do not join the crowd;
I do not care what I've missed.
I pull myself out of the husk
that attempts to recreate all
the trappings of a full-blown world.
I am the saddest subset in the Venn diagram.
A Random Event #2

I wear fear with ease; it is the hilt
that limits the descent of the blade.

Invisibility is flattery. I sashay to be ignored.
The colors of the party move on~without me.

Memory is a landscape dotted by uneven streaks
of time. I imagine tearing apart the duality~

the landmarks in such a landscape are randomly placed, but the entirety of the scene is contrived.