Hastur Page 10

Schlitz left him alone; he didn't want this first-time tweaker to possibly bungle the transaction. So he got out of the car and met the behemoth in front of him.
   "You know Doctor?" asked Juan in perfect Mexican English, in a tone that sounded like a girl of age five.
    "Funny you should ask, because I know quite a few doctors. I'm a long standing member of the Scottsdale TP's, and there on the lush fairways you'll often chance to meet a doctor or two, or even a foursome of them sometimes, just after the crack of dawn."
    This talk was all nonsense and pure bull, and Juan was hardly amused. The earth beneath him continued to endure the awesome force of gravity directly as he did not travel an inch in any direction. And he did not stir otherwise, except that a few seconds after Schlitz had

stopped talking, his right eye twitched noticeably.
    Several pregnant moments passed like this before T.S. finally said:
    "So, are you going to give me that bag, or? I mean, I don't know. What do you think. How's about?"
    "Where cash," said Juan.
    Now this was interesting to Thurgood. Interesting not to mention baffling. What cash?
    "Cash?" he asked. "What cash?"
    Juan just stared at him even more intensely.
    Schlitz was struggling hard to deny the reality of the situation, trying to come up with some 'rational explanation'. "Oh -- are you talking about gas money?" That must have been it. "Sure, Juan, I can chip in for gas. It's not getting any cheaper these days, believe me I know, we just drove down here from Phoenix, and -- well it