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could not keep up even blurting out every fifth or fifteenth or fiftieth one before it was gone. Finally after a particularly violent barrage of ideas (which to him was interminable but during which only three seconds of real time had elapsed) he affirmed, "You could drive all the way to Europe."
    "And it would take you about two weeks of hard driving, too. Hell, you could even drive to Africa if you were really fucking crazy, because you'd have to drive through the Middle East to get there."
    "Not necessarily," Fair shot back, "because there would be a bridge built from Spain to Morocco."
    "Yeah," agreed T.S., glancing at the road for the first time in several minutes.
    "The bridge would be split in two, connected in the middle by Gibraltar -- though I'm not sure

that Gibraltar's position in the strait is in line with the closest ports of Spain and Morocco ..." Fair thought about it for a nanosecond, then continued:
"It wouldn't matter in the slightest, because a bridge can be built between any two points of land, even if they're not the two closest ones. Often times they are not. Take for instance one particular bridge in Ireland which spans the River Shannon. Say you're heading south to Kerry, this bridge departs from Kilrush, Co. Clare and ends in Tarbert, Co. Kerry. Now I'll have you know that neither of these two charming riverside villas are situated at the nearest points on the north and south shores respectively. Instead they are situated at the two furthest points along the length of the Shannon, and by way of the transitive property of algebra they therefore comprise the endpoints of the longest