Hastur Page 5

    "The answers to your questions are elemen-tary. First and foremost, as I just mentioned, Australia is in fact a continent. And furthermore, not even those at the vanguard of structural engineering could conceive of a bridge long enough to connect Australia and mainland China."
    They were both silent for 2.8 seconds before Fair spoke again. "Hey, I've never driven to Nogales. How close are we? Are we pretty much almost there?"
    As he said this, the car passed a green state highway sign that said Now leaving Phoenix.
    Schlitz said, "Nah, we have a little ways to go yet. About 185 miles."
    Fair was chewing hard with his numb lower jaw. "Man, this shit wakes you right the fuck up, doesn't it. What did he call it again?"
    "He called it a 'blend,' but The Doctor calls everything a 'blend.' My guess is that the blend

we partook of and will be skipping along on for many hours to come is a cocktail comprised of primarily amphetamines and narcotics, including of course the white bitch and possibly also the trashy ho bitch. Beyond that, the only other ingredient I'm sure of is talcum."
    "The white bitch being cocaine?"
    "That's right. Fuckin' blowski."
    "And the trashy ho bitch being -- what, crystal meth?"
    "Yeah, uh-huh," nodding his head for emphasis.
    "So two powerful stimulants compounding each other. Interesting. I think I can hear my own heart beating. It feels like it's trying to break out of my ribcage. Fuck."
    "Any time you do methamphetamines or stimulants you're causing some amount of trauma to your heart, and sure as shit yours is getting a hard workout right now."