Hastur Page 4

the two nations have been mortal enemies for all of recorded history, not to mention it would be a bad idea in terms of cultural identity, as the two cultures are so similar that they seem almost identical; there may be some unwanted crossover and possibly class warfare as a result."
    "It's true, you can hardly tell Indian from Japanese, unless you're an expert at stuff like that. Does the bridge take off from Korea?"
    "North or South?" asked Harrington suspi-ciously.
    "Um," T.S. considered the trick question again then guessed, "North?"
    "It's not North or South Korea. Where do you think the bridge originates from?"
    "Hong Kong?"

    "That's ridiculous," said Harrington, "Hong Kong indeed. A bridge from Hong Kong to Japan. Indeed!"
    "So where does the bridge begin?"
    "Taiwan," Fair announced with finality. "It begins in Taiwan and it runs all the way up to Tokyo. It ends at the Narita airport."
    Thurgood took his words as truth. But then he realized something odd about it.
    "Hey, Japan is an island, and Taiwan is an island."
    "That is true. However, Australia is not an island but rather a continent."
    "Why would someone build a bridge that long between two islands? Why wouldn't they just make the bridge connect to mainland China, so more people could use it?"