Hastur Page 15

fully, "This is my life."
   "Chill out man, you're making me seasick," said Schlitz, and he wasn't lying. He pulled in at the Starlight and parked. "You're coming with me, and you're not going to leave my sight. And neither is that bag. Got it?"
    But Harrington was far, far down the path by that point, and he could not possibly have heard his guardian angel's voice, let alone his own or Thurgood's.

    T.S. went inside alone after all, and drank a couple of double whiskies. He didn't want to bring Fair inside because he figured that he was now under the power of some cursed hallucinogen.
    The bartender Sal asked him how his day was going. "Let me tell you," Schlitz confided, "there are some mornings when things just seem to all go right for once. Do you know what I mean?"

    Sal said, "Oh, sure."
    Thurgood replied, "Well, this morning wasn't one of those mornings. This morning sucked. This morning was a joke." He continued, "If some pathetic loser ever wrote my biography, I would hope to God he didn't include this morning in the story."
    During the time that Schlitz was in the bar, which was less than half an hour, Harrington visited the following alternate dimensions:

1. Candyland, which looks and feels exactly like the board game, which was secretly his favorite as a child. He enjoyed this visit thoroughly, but was forced against his will to visit

2. Blandyland, which was a hellish office setting very similar to his former place of employment. He wanted to leave it as quickly as possible to get to the next one,